Kanimozhi & her growth in Politics.

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Kanimozhi & her growth in Politics.

DMK MP Kanimozhi with her husband G Aravindan and other political memners at her residence

Politics, the very word is two folded. Apart from the meaning of power in governance, it is about the ability to influence a way one wants. The epitome of achievement in politics is being the influencer, you need not be in power, but if you are the influencer, then you are the game changer. The country could revolve around you. We have been quite aware of the Influencing woman in the past government who changed the face of India. The mockery and criticism a man of marvellous economic knowledge is facing today is probably the best example of what real influence in politics do to even the most eminent person.

The woman in India have the same powers as that of a man, yet somehow the role has been restrictive. It’s only a few women when compared to the other gender who have stood out to speak the power with them. Analysing the past across the world. A new dimension of women in politics has emerged. More women are seen in the political scenes. It was conventional politics earlier which predominantly reflected the male concerns, a barrier to woman presence. But today the trend is observed changing.

It is quite interesting to see that woman from privileged families with backup and patriarchal support get into power play quickly when compared to dedicated women who want to get into the political system earnestly. When privileged families are the word, apart from the Gandhi’s, it is the DMK Family who has that complete backup to build a comfortable political career. The Torchbearer of the party could be either of the two, but one of the probable heirs is Kanimozhi. She is already credited with being the literary heir of her family, taking forward the legacy of M.Karunanidhi who is considered to be a Tamil Exponent. The very word Kalaignar which is conferred upon him has become his name. She has taken over him for being a poetess herself. She began her career as a writer establishing herself as an editor of “Kungumam” a favorite weekly Tamil magazine, building that base for nourishing her political career ahead. Kanimozhi’s Husband is also a Singapore based writer; she found her soulmate in her profession. She is from the family of Power, but she is an identity of her own. Be it in her academics, or her literary works, she has crafted her niche. She is considered the dear daughter of M.Karunanidhi is not because she is his daughter, it is probably because M.Karunanidhi is proud of his daughter’s achievements that he made her his confidante. Kanimozhi is a firm supporter of woman empowerment. She has understood and addressed the problems of the woman and advised the underprivileged woman of Tamil Nadu to be decisive on their own. She has aligned herself with such party associates who have put her on the track of becoming the Member of Rajya Sabha. Her potential as a writer is often reflected in her oration which will amaze people of her direction in guiding the party. She did express her desire to contest, the reason for her rise today is because of her strategy, dedication and her chasing dream.

Despite all the scams that surround her portfolio, she has remained undeterred to take over her party’s reigns and be the guiding light of woman in Tamil Nadu. The recent news of she representing the face of DMK in Sonia’s party for the probable alliance in the third front is a clear indication of her growth into the world of political power. She is sure to make her mark in politics.

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