POS Systems And The Barriers To User Experiences!

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October 6, 2018
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POS Systems And The Barriers To User Experiences!

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POS systems are a known name in almost all shops! The cashiers often use the Point Of Sale(POS) systems for easy processing of orders and tending to the needs of customers. We have all experienced the irritation of standing in long queues before proceeding to check out. If the shopkeeper does things slower than usual, we tend to get irritated more. But, have you ever thought of the stress a shopkeeper gets when he sees a long queue waiting for him? Yes! They are in greater stress than you are!

How POS Systems Differ From Other Apps?

There are too many apps available to manage the sales process of shops. So, how do the POS systems stand out from the rest? They differ from others in one crucial factor- the goal achieved part! In other mobile apps and standard web, the goal is always achieved online. Whereas, in POS, the goal is achieved offline! This is why POS systems like Wondersoft is preferred by millions to bring order and speed to their billing procedures.


All these long fifteen years, Mr Niranjan devoted his time and energy to study various efficient POS systems (like Wondersoft), which excels above others in terms of UX and UI designs with an approach that is based on evidence. It blends a thorough understanding with a realistic vision to create design-innovative solutions. All the worldwide clients involved in a structured procedure where decisions are made on the grounds of a detailed review of data and analytical methodologies excel above their counterparts which are just made on blind conventions, whims and intuitions. Niranjan has achieved a diverse education background by bagging degrees in communication, psychology and economics.


Now, let us consider a finance app. In it, everything starts and ends within the computer itself. Any activity that goes around in the room can pose a distraction to the user; for example, a conversation in the room. Whereas, in the case of POS systems, the reverse comes true. The cashier's role is to be friendly with the customers and keep them engaged. The POS software can be a distraction in this situation as it has to be considered for accounting. The success of every transaction is not the mere completion of the user interface. Instead, it is a visibly happy customer leaving from the shop!

This is why it is told that anyone who designs a POS system has to look at it with a critical eye, an eye that takes into account the entire process from start to a happy customer leaving the place. The designers will also have to find out a way to reduce the time taken for a transaction. This helps in reducing the delays even if there are any unusual circumstances around the billing section.

The Formation Of Queues- One Of The Greatest Problems Faced!

The designers who deal with UX and systems design is mainly concerned about one point; to make sure that the users will get a tool that helps them do their job accurate and fast. This refers to the reduction of all the major usability barriers in it. Now, how to achieve this goal? The first step is to understand the formation of queues. What could be the cause? There are mainly two ways in which queues can be formed:

    A person pointed the particular info in the POS software

  • Average Time Spent!
  • The first cause of formation of queues would be the time taken to deal with a customer. If the average time taken per customer to complete the transaction is more, then it can lead to longer queues. Each time a transaction takes place, it involves a set of steps. These are all standard steps that are a mandatory part of the transaction. These steps can be easily optimised. Saving even one second per customer can have a great impact!

  • Unusual Situations/Transactions
  • There can be an unusual situation or transactions where the usual procedures may not work. Such exceptional circumstances can arise and can affect the chain or store directly. Also, these situations can be diverse causing delays in all the transaction procedures. If you can save one second per a normal transaction, the unusual transactions can end up taking 10-30 times more time than a normal transaction. Hence, the POS system designers create designs that can help in reducing the delays from 1-2 minutes to few seconds.

The designers often have a hard time controlling components like layout and shop type. They will have to work around these components to create efficient POS systems. For instance, a small shop can only have a single cash register. Hence, any fluctuations in the number of customers will have to be dealt at that level itself. For larger shops having multiple cash registers, the process is easier as they can try deploying more number of staff personnel on a fixed schedule, like during the weekends for example.

Hence, The POS systems can have a great impact in reducing the time, improving the efficiency and managing the fluctuations at the cash register.


  1. Devi says:

    It is an informative blog. It is surprising to read that the POS software has so much of features. It was usually considered as an additional expense but after reading the feature, it is surely a boon for any business owners.

  2. Jeorge says:

    The two main benefits of POS systems are analysis and accuracy. POS systems helps in managing the inventory, analyze sales patterns and mark items for reorder. The scanning feature is highly accurate instead of punching from the sticker or expecting cashier to type the cost of item.

  3. Kervin says:

    It is important to have internet connection to make complete use of POS. Without reliable internet connection, it is hard to maintain and function POS systems. It is completely web based and requires high speed internet connection. When the internet fails, it takes time to back up and function.

  4. Aarush says:

    It is best to use POS software that allows for free software upgrades. There are certain upgrades which are expensive. It becomes mandatory as you use the POS on regular basis. It is best to approach your vendor before installing such POS software.

  5. Akarsh says:

    If you are thinking to install Point of Sale software, then you need to first question yourself whether it is necessary for your business. You should know the features and how the features could help your business. It is the latest technology used in both online and traditional retail outlets.

  6. Lakshman says:

    Point of Sale software or POS software are highly important in the present business scenario. It is hard to run a business without a POS. If it has complex integration and several operating systems or gateways, the usage becomes tough.

  7. Bhavnish says:

    Nowadays, most retailers are accepting in-store and e-commerce payments. They use particular systems to accept payments in-store as well as online. POS systems help the business owners to operate both online and offline business peacefully. It is recommended to choose a right vendor for best services.

  8. Chanda says:

    In many cases, POS is neglected as it is time consuming and expensive to maintain and deploy. Moreover, when it comes to integrating with various vendors, it results in complicated situations. And for this reason, business owners do not integrate POS immediately.

  9. Aarav says:

    While designing the POS systems, the engineers should know that it is completely different from other regular applications. The goal of the POS system developer is to make it function even when there is no internet connection or while being offline.

  10. Nikky says:

    The POS systems should be simple to use. When it is hard to learn or operate, it can end up in formation of queue. The shop layout and type are important components that are not managed by the designers. If you are having single cash register, you need to make some fluctuations to customers to manage the billing process.

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