Web Design Trends In Architecture

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Web Design Trends In Architecture

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Similarities Between Architecture And Web Designing

Senior and experienced architect Mr. George, working with www.besten.in, quoted that The industrial architecture itself has undergone massive changes Industrial architects are bringing in more and more elements into the field and completely changing the way it is being done.” It is generally believed that architecture and web designing are two completely different areas. However, the truth is that they have many similarities because they both look for aesthetic and visual appeal. Architecture is something that has been changing over several centuries, and each period had a different kind of architecture. The same holds for architecture across the world. People used different types of styles and designs even half a decade ago, but now with the advent of new and creative ideas, the entire field of architecture has continued to evolve. New building materials have allowed for different types of architectural designs that would otherwise not be possible. As far an industrial architecture is concerned, durability is a vital aspect.How Web Designing Companies Helps Architects to portraits their architectural works in a single websiteOther aspects are that of:

  • Utilizing space – creating a white space
  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Competence
  • Green space, by incorporating environmental elements like greenery

Web Designing and Web Architecture 

Web designing, on the other hand, is something that is relatively new. Because the internet has taken the world by storm, and technology and communication have progressed so much, it has necessitated the need for business to move online and have a website so that anyone anywhere in the world can access them. Having a webpage also makes it easy for companies to market their services and products. Web designers work on the website of companies to give it an edge regarding marketing strategy to promote their business. Web designers take care of the technical aspects of a site and use content, graphics, and design to make the website work well when someone logs on to it. Web designing itself has undergone a lot of change since its inception. Some techniques go out of style and are replaced by new and technologically advanced technologies. The concept of a website architecture deals with various methods and processes such as:

An architecture website Slider Design which resembles a black and White Image of a City Street


  • The User interface
  • The Usability
  • The User experience.

This is a lot like web designing, but unlike a web designer deals with the technical aspects of a website, the web architect looks into several issues such as:

  • The Content of this site
  • The Business strategies and goals of a website.

The factors that affect user engagement includes:

  • Clicking through various ads
  • Deciding to purchase

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that website architecture has moved to a whole new level and it requires an exclusive combination of talents and skills. Like architectural designing, web designing has also been undergoing a lot of changes to meet the changing requirements of the present generation. No longer are things what they were even a decade ago, and now with smartphones, people have access to a lot more information than they ever had. This also calls for a higher level of competence if you want to have a winning edge in your particular field.


  1. Jayesh says:

    It is an unusual and interesting comparison. It would be relevant if website designing is compared to garden design. The first design in both will be created and sent for client’s approval. The site will be developed and then executed.

  2. Karthick says:

    Nice comparison.I enjoyed reading this blog. Being an architecture student, I was able to find lot of similarities as well as differences between the two – web design and architecture. It depends on the way you look at these two subjects.

  3. Miguel says:

    I would like to remind about certain differences in web designing and architecture. Architecture is more permanent than web design.The building is designed with a motto of remaining in the same position for decades. But, a web design can be renovated or changed according to the trends.

  4. Subha says:

    Another similarity that I would highlight is the design of the website or building should be according to the content or activities taking place. It is waste to develop a office setup in a residential space. In the same way, the design should be finalized according to the content.

  5. Himmat says:

    One of the important differences between web design and architecture- it is hard to alter or fix mistakes in a building. It is time consuming and expensive. When there is a mistake in website design, it is possible to fix. It can be fixed in one to two days.

  6. Divit says:

    Communication is important in both website designing and architecture. When there is miscommunication or lack of communication, both the projects can face heavy failure. It is best to directly discuss with the client so that you would know their expectation and start the project accordingly.

  7. Deshal says:

    Bold colours plays a vital role in website designing as well as architecture. Professionals in these two fields should have exceptional colour knowledge and colour combination skills. They can express their creativity by mixing and matching colours and other elements for an attractive output.

  8. Tippoo says:

    In website designing, creativity and computer knowledge are the main things required. But when it comes to architecture, the professional should consider various factors like environment, surroundings, weather, physics, etc. It should also side by side correlate with their creativity.

  9. Deepali says:

    It is an excellent article that talks about both website designing and architecture. Such comparisons are rare but looks truly unique and useful. The similarities makes one thing clear that both the fields are based upon creativity. Hats off to the writer of this article.

  10. Nirmal says:

    I have personal experience in both the fields and I am finding this comparison useful and interesting. It is actually a cool way to compare and relate website designing and architecture. There are several valid points to consider. Totally a good stuff.

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